Leveraging wealth is a decisive sign of your progress and it can not be achieved without securing financial stability throughout the business life cycle.

Business life cycle


Introduction of products / services


Rapidly increasing sales and margins


Business reaches at peak and stabilises


> Decline : When a business accepts that it cannot compete with the market
> Sales curve : When businesses spend time on innovation and exploration for improved products / services in the same product line

Dynamics of all the phases differ from one another and hence financial decisions, business strategy and execution plan needs to be designed considering industry parameters and economic conditions.

Ultimate aim of any business is maximization of wealth. And we at Delpha, are here to turn it into an achievable reality by helping you in making well informed decisions as well by becoming an integral part of business strategy.

How We Work...

Preliminary study

- Understanding the exact requirement
- Techno-Economic viability study
- Take up the project

Requirement analysis

- Gather facts and data
- Analyse the data and create information
- Conclude Do-ability

Project design and selection

- Designing of multiple options
- Present cost-benefits
- Selection of the suitable option


- Actual execution
- Query solving and modification, if required
- Delivery


- Monitoring of the outcome
- Hand-holding process
- Define stages for monitoring system


Sujeet Dhadphale

Chartered Accountant (CA)

The one who wants and inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more! He firmly believes in the tremendous growth potential that SMEs have and if proper guidance is rendered SMEs can achieve exponential success. Sujeet takes care of banking finance and advisory.

Amruta Dhadphale

Chartered Accountant (CA)

The one who has the ability to foresee and believe in the success that can be achieved with a planned journey by any business. With her robust expertise and experience in banking, Amruta handles key clients and backend support seamlessly.

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